The reasons why I started

Who am I?

I am Igor Adamowicz and my biggest hobby is communication. I am all for it. Communication is everywhere. Selling is communication, marketing is communication and arguing with your parents is undoubtedly communication too. We can’t escape it. Yet, we don’t really have that much. Learning communication currently is like learning a new language in ancient times. There were hardly any books or people that could help you learn faster than going to a new tribe and learning the language word by word. It’s roughly any better today with communication. There are some books and materials about it, but many of them are straight garbage and how are you supposed which are which? That’s where I come to help. I am all here to help You out! My plan is to find and structure all the knowledge there is about communication and not charge a single penny for it. Weird right?

How I want it to happen?

This website is exactly how I want it to happen. Reading books, analysing podcasts, practising in real life and all of that to condense it here. My goal is to show you my journey, where I started a couple years ago, how it’s going and where I’m headed. There is plenty of stuff to uncover, some of it might not even be written anywhere or is really hard to find. Be my companion and check out the the map of my journey at Progress Plan. I will do the best I can to make your life at least a little bit better with all these tips and personal guides.

Join my team

Today I am the only one working on this awesome project. But, collecting all this precious knowledge and writing it down here is tough work. I could really use some help. That’s where You might come in handy! I am looking for people who would like to expand their skills with me. We can do it together, better and faster.